HELL YEAAAAH !!!! it was 9 months pregnancy and 9 months waiting for baby's born. hard to tell in words how happy we are. and Alhamdulillah, the baby is fine and seems soooooo white-red. sorry for not telling you here guys. it was strugle's year for us to fight this pregnancy. yeah, im still in school, so he is. and hard to keep me healthy while a lot of works waiting to be done. do you wanna know how our baby looks like ? here we go :

her name is khansa aurora mahestri. almost forgot the meaning of her name. but, hopelly we can be such a well-lesson parents for her. 

CUT CUT CUT !!! what the hell you are writing, girl ? are you dreaming or something ?

GOTCHAAAA !!!! well, its not my baby. its my cousin. and honestly, still, im single already. or become single. yeah, broke up is always hurted. *pukul-pukul dada al*
and that baby is already a year last week. here are that little monster, now :

Yap.. I HAVE A BABY !! but not that baby, i mean. mungkin sebagian pembaca blog saya sudah tau kalau saya juga punya usaha kecil-kecilan. i have an online and offline shop named CHABELITA WARDROBE. that is my baby, chabelita wardrobe. :) 
Last friday, we've launched our website already. and now, im gonna have you some announcement bout our website. no no no, we dont sell and buy a baby, tapi menjual kebutuhan cowok-cewek yang dipakai sehari-hari. Jeans collection, dresses, skirts, shirts, tshirts, and for hijabers, many else. 

so, here are our links :
facebook : Chabelita Wardrobe
twitter : @chabelita_shop

once again, its not that baby i have, this is my baby. yeah, its growing up just like another entrepreneur. starting from the baby step, and dreaming to be bigger and bigger and bigger. dont forget to shop there, fellas.. :)


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