a letter to palestine from Indonesia

Dear Palestine, 

We're watching around the world's news, through the social media, through our friends who are keep talking about how hurt you are.
Ya, we're watching as always the world share to us, we're watching all of the pain, the losing happiness who has been taken, emm no, it is not "hasn't been taken" but it "has been stolen" from the land of masjidil aqsha.. The happiness of our friends, the happiness of our kids playing a soccer while your sky is only protected by The One Allah SWT, the happiness of studying in peaceful, the happiness of family's quality time like watching the young grandchildren tried hard to stand by on his foot, the happiness of spending the whole day with our lovely friends, the happiness of...... even i cant mention a bilion happiness who has been stolen from the land of palestine, from the land of Gaza..

My friends, my brothers, my sisters, 
We're watching how you hold on tight over there, how you keep praying and fighting to keep your land as yours, we're watching all of the blood fell down over the land, how the kids lose his dad, his brother, his sister, and you just sit over there waiting what next come over the sky, sleep under the tears, keep the gun tight on hand, close the eyes and hoping the better day when you're awake tomorrow.. 

Dear Palestine, 
Even we just can watching here, the pain, yes we feel it deep in our heart, its so painful. We're hurt too, we're hurt to see how our brothers and sisters are fighting over there and we just keep sit down here along the day and hope, and hope, and hope the better day for Palestine. But please, dont feel alone, dont feel its just your tears fell down on the land, dont feel the painful alone, because we're here.. We cant tight our gun because we're not able to do that, we cant fight with the gun as high as the hand want back its land, because we dont have any step of doing that. 

We're here doing the same thing as you keep doing over there, we always pray, doing the tiny little things that we keep thinking it can make the better day for Palestine, we pray as strong as your pray over there, we're beging to Allah to keep you safe over there, we spread the painful over the country to have them the same feeling you feel there then they can raise their hand and pray, we shared and shared and shared that our brothers and sister are fighting for their land. It is just the same thing that our brothers and sisters are fighting for us there, in Palestine, in Gaza. You're fighting for us, for Moslem, for Islam.. Thats the point while we feel hurt too, we cant fight with you over there. We feel so useless over here..

Dear Palestine, 
You're not alone, you have us over here, as the biggest country which has large number of moslem in Asia, we're one here. We're fighting unseen for you too here, dont feel like you just fighting alone, we're here to tight our hand for the land, we feel the pain, and we refuse to forget what THEY already did hundred times. Palestine, dont let the tears down, its ours, its our part to fell down the tears here, be strong, be strong that we have a power for you to step forward and always fight with highly hope the rights of your land. We wont quit just like you wont quit there.. We're here, Palestine, we're here.. And we have the strongest one, Allah SWT.. And its all been set up, your shining place in Heaven, so please, be strong and keep fighting and praying for the better day.. 

We're here for you, Palestine.. We're here,  Gaza.. You're not alone..

-Written with tears-

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