Friend and enemy, or frienemy

Living alone without any friend in life is the most terrible thing that you will regret in the rest of your life. Making a friendship, falling in love with your friend, being hurt by someone who is pretending to be your friend, then you back again with an old story with same person in the same page different time. Everyone has it and always trying to figure it out. One day they like their friend so much, at the next day it becomes their most lovely enemy. Saying "hi" in the morning, but "goodbye" in the evening. You can call that as your frienemy, maybe. 

You can be a star with your friend/s behind your back, or you can be no one and falling down at the bottom side of your life because of your friend drop you down from the top. Need an advice? Run as fast as you can and shining like a star alone. If you just run by yourself, i guarantee you will be finish your way quickly but no guarantee you will make it up, getting what you want by yourself without any help from the people around? 50% you'll get it, another 50% is gambling. 

People fake their smile everyday, in order to look good or pretending to have a perfect life. Declaration, call that as a such a thing you wanna see from people. Pretending to be a perfect one, waking up like this or that, driving their own car, and just live happily or pretending to be. They trust their friend as they want it too. Deep in their heart maybe they only trust 2 among 4, or 1 among 2. Who knows a real friend is already stay by your side or stay to against you behind. 

What i want to tell is trust yourself first before you trust someone else. If you believe in your faith you can run as fast as you can and you're happy at finish line, then you'll happy. But if you doubt yourself first, then you can hardly believe in friendship. Life is about making mistake and trying to fix it all. Treating your friend well, being disappointed at the other day, your friend becomes your enemy, your enemy becomes your friend, or your friend is also your enemy. Call that as a lesson of the day. Sometimes you'll fall, but you have to stand up again. No one can help except you help yourself first. Just play your angel side, but don't forget a devil is always around. 

They say life is tough, right? Or is it going tougher when you're stupid? 

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