Three words, eight letters, three syllables.

Falling in love is the best thing in life when you can find yourself to be a craziest one of the day. Laughing, thinking about the beautiful moment when you meet or talk to him/her, feeling the world is all red or pink, starting your day with fully smiley face, etc. The power of love will lose your mind exactly when you meet him/her. Nothing you feel except happiness. You can't even think about the worst thing in life, all you know is only happy and happy. 

How do you know that he/she is in love with you too? 

Is it just you? 

Does he/she feel the same?

Can i say it to him/her?

Or is it really a love? 

Am i fall for him/her deeply?

Am i crazy about him/her? 

Can i live without him/her?

Or can i get some air if he/she doesn't exist in a day?

Can i go far away from him/her in a month or more?

Does he/she miss me too when i'm not around?

Can you answer those dozen questions around your mind when you're thinking about him/her? Neither do i. I can't answer those questions too when i'm thinking about him. Talking on the phone, dinner together, in time of talking a so-called-work things, in the time he got angry because i call other man, i can't answer those dozen questions too. Then, what's wrong with no recognition between us? As long as i feel happy and warm to be around him, do one of us have to say those  "Three words, eight letters, three syllables" called "i love you" when we feel so happy together?

The worst thing about love is you know that someday you'll get hurt, but the rest is happiness, right? 
We all hurt by everything in life, and when we got hurt by love, so what? 

We can rule the world just like we want it to be. We can't even say "i love you" to someone we love. When i lose him, i know i'll get hurt someday. But life has its own rule to make us together or not to be. It is just about the time. 

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