How Happy You are..

What you see :
An usual girl who is stand in the same building and she is a friend of your friend.

What you don't see :
I feel so happy, a bit nerveous, or even crazy if i see your face directly.
They said social media makes your life easier or even much better than last time.

But for me,
I feel like i'm going to smile along day if i saw you for every second of my day.

Just like today,
I saw you walk with your friend, and suddenly i hide behind the wall and the shadow of my friend.
Coincident! You walk to the same elevator as i walk into, stand up right beside me. I hear you talk, even laugh. And i feel like, "its a long time ago since you talk to me on that day before we move separately"
Ya, if you don't even remember that day, lemme recall that day again. It was 4 months ago i hear you talking directly to me over untidy box that we have to unite. I see that smile everyday, but not for the last 3 months.

I feel like i better move out when the elevator's door is open. But i can't, this day will make my day if i survive for the next 30seconds beside him. And i did it. He moved out, turn his body before the door close, then our eyes meet.

Too bad the door closed quickly.

And what i hear today :
It is your birthday.
I don't know what to say, you seems so happy when you walk with that girl last night, or taking her photograph at rooftop,
So if i wish you to be happy, you're already happy. And i was thinking, how happy you are.

Yes, you're happy, and i wish you always be...

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