The Version of Destiny

Dear you, we can't ask to the Almighty about our version of destiny.
I really want to be someone who always stay happy and smile all the time, along day, either it is bad or well, am i hurt or not.

I can't ask for all those things which is called as "happiness".

Indeed, we do really wan't to have our version of destiny. Stay happy all the time, surrounding by beloved people who are never leave us, betray us or treat us as stranger. We do really wan't to always have the best people (in our own version) in our whole life.

But, we can't ask for everything that we describe as our version of destiny.

Somehow, people put us into their life as a best friend, friend, partner or enemy. We can't ask them to put us into their list of best people they ever have. We can't ask them to put away our names from their list of enemy. How people treat us, of course, based on how we behave to them.

In my case,

I just wanna say to someone,

If you ask me, i like your "someone" or not, i just wanna say,

With him, i feel comfort and warm. But i don't even know you call that as love or adore.

But, i'm not on your competition of getting happy with your someone. I'm on my way to get my own happiness. I'm on my track (which is idk either is right or wrong) to have my own version of destiny.

I don't plan to be happy with someone you love the most. But, i can't promise that my track is good or bad for you. No, we are not at our competition track. You walk on your way, i walk on my way. So, please. Don't treat me just like i'm the worst person in your life. What i'm doing, i (only) walk on my track. I plan for my happiness, not yours.


Rainbow smile

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